I submit my objection to the injustice of our nations drug policy, especially the incarceration of non-violent drug offenders. I state that my belief and actions henceforth in regards to the use of supposedly controlled substances will align with common sense, modern science, truth and reality itself.

The majority of the harms ascribed to drug war are actually caused or exacerbated by the mechanism of the drug war itself. Via modern science and reporting it is now easy to discern that the war on drugs is a failure of immense proportion, a century of horrible lies and misfiring propaganda. In realizing the truth of this matter, in seeking to be recognized as embracing rationality and common sense I hereby state that my conscience compels me to be committed to ending the war on drugs.

I am a conscientious objector to drug war. I reach out to others, to humanity, to join in this conscientious objection to a war on plants and plant products via their embrace of one or more of the following reasons to end this eternal assault on human dignity and life.